Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Game Over Sundays (G.O.S) Gaming Event April 24 on 35th and 6th Ave, NYC

Here's the details for the next G.O.S event going down Midtown Manhattan:

Sunday April 24 @4PM -12am
Located: Radio Star
3 west 35th street
Bet. 6th and 5th avenue
New York, new York
Hosted by Game Over Channel
Adults Only -21+ (bring ID)
Must purchase Drink/Meal in order to party
9 rooms of Gaming + Anime Films + Pokemon/Yugi-oh
Event Purpose:
Meetup for social gamers, anime film enthusiasts, visual artists and Pokemon card based game fanatics.

Game Over Sundays (G.O.S)
There’s a place in New York city. It has several rooms (9 of them) that mostly caters to Karaoke enthusiasts but on Sundays we GAMERS go in to play. There’s a main room that runs SSFIV on a competitive winner-stays tourney where you will encounter most of the top gamers in the city’s Fighting game community like Chinatown Fair’s Andy, Panza, Rhys, Megaman, GM and Chris Hu, just to name a few.
Each room has two HDTVs - a 50 and a 40 in. There’s a main bar that serves drinks for cheap ($6 alcoholic drinks, $1 Sodas, $2 Juices). The food is super delicious and reasonably priced ($5 - wing, fries and nugget combo, $6 Nachos +more). 
There’s at least 2 rooms for each console (Wii, Ps3, Xbox 360). You might even find a room with a PS2 with old time classics like CAPCOM VS SNK 2, STREET FIGHTER ALPHA 3, KOF series + more. 
You are allowed to bring your own console + games with friends and host your own game room party. You make new friends on the go and engage in friendly competition. The best part is it’s FREE.

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