Emmanuel Torres

Emmanuel "Eman" Torres is one of the most dialed, fearless and wildest BMX street riders I met from The Bronx!  He is so creative on his bike leaving you scratching your head at times....

  When he rides street, he stays focused to get the job done, shredding hand rails and  high hop to manuals combos.  This kid never disappoints.  Eman been busting ass since I met him when he was 15 through his brother Jose, who would go out riding with Jerry, Oba and I back in the day.  He usually rode with his crew in the northern section of The Bronx though.  Through the years, I've watched him mature into a well rounded individual with a good head on his shoulders.  This street demon is fire, watch out for him, he stays on top of his game.  Can I Live?!  Let's peep his bike set up and see what's on his medulla...

Name: Emmanuel Torres

Age:  I just turned 22

Location:  The Bronx, New York City

Years riding BMX?  About 7 years more or less

Employer(s)?  Union worker Local 718

Sponsors:  Bulldog bikes and Flatlines shop.

Bike Check:

Frame:  United 40 21.3

Fork: Corey Martinez Fork

Bars: Dented Fits

Stem: Aitken stem

Grips: Animal Edwins

Barends: Animal

Pegs: Old Animal front, new Mk3 back

Detangler: N/A

Headset: Animal

Clamp:  Built in

Seatpost: Animal

Seat: Aitken Wolf

Cranks: Primo Hollowbites w/ Animal BB

Sprocket: Animal Sprocky Balboa Vinnie Sammon

Chain:  KMC 410 Chain

Brakes:  N/A

Cable:  N/A

Brake Lever:  N/A

Front Tire:  Fit

Front Wheel:  Gsport/Simple Hub/DT spokes

Rear Tire:  Gsport Ratchet 10t w/ Gsport and DT spokes

Rear Wheel:  Animal Tom White

Pedals:  Animal Hamilton plastic

Any Modifications/Extras/Others?  Cut bars

How did you become interested in BMX?  Got into BMX from my brother his friends. Eventually I had my own little crew that I started riding with.

Which parts do you replace most often from wear and tear and/or because you want too?  Tires, grips, pegs, chains and pedals. I hate taking apart my bike so I only change what I need to.

What's your bike setup like? And describe how you like it to feel?  Tall bars forward slightly, seat low mostly for hang fives, hate having my chain loose so I'm really feeling the built in tensioners on this frame.

What was your first "real deal" BMX bike?  I had a Hoffman Deebo with a 20 3/4 tobtube when I was like 13.

Are you a weight weenie? How much does your bike weigh?  No but, I did weigh my bike at my boys laundromat and it weighed 22lbs.

Do you work on your own bike?  Yes or No? Why?  I fix my bike myself, except wheels. I never took the time build wheels. Maybe I should one day.

What is your favorite color(s)? Raw, polished, black anodized parts.

Brakes?  No brakes?  Why?  I think about putting them on every now then. I never do though.

Is your bike 100% dialed all the time?  All day. Every day.

Any Likes or dislikes In general? In BMX?  We need more local parks that let bikes in.

What is your favorite part of your Bike(s)?  And of BMX period?  I like this new Aitken stem and the frame is good too even though I think I bent it.

What is your favorite BMX video or rider section?  The Anthem Video was crazy.

What talents, interests or hobbies do you have besides bmx (if any)?  I'm a believer in Christ, and I guess I have some God given talents; bmx being one of them.

Are you as talented in your other hobbies and interests as you are riding BMX?

What music genre do you listen to on the daily basis?  Rock, rap, some Christian too.

What do you listen to while riding?  Cher.

If you could change anything on your bike, what would it be?  Back tire has A flat.

If you could change anything in your life (if any), what would it be?  I changed alot and still am.

What is a your favorite trick to see or do? Barspins are cool to see.

What is your favorite "dailed" trick to bust out on call? Hang 5s

Favorite BMX rider?  Cru Jones

Are there any public figures, (past or Present) that you admire?  Adrian Benepe comissioner of NYC parks dept.

Any favorite foods?  Drinks?  No one has better Pizza than The Bx.

What are your favorite quote(s)?  I don't know.

Any favorite books/mags/movies/TV shows?  The Bible

Have you dealt with any injuries due to riding?  I hate that topic. I just thank God I have medical insurance.

Any advice for the younger generation? TWO WORDS..STAY. FOCUSED.

Any memorable road trips or events you attended? Went down to Allentown, Pennsylvania last fall with Brian Barnhart, Shady Grady, Ghandi and Yoda. They were filming for Rad 2 aka, and I got to meet a bunch of people including Cru Jones.
 Peep the Trailer

Any favorite places to ride?  Anywhere with the goons.

Any plans for the future?  Work less. Ride more.

How long have you been sponsored for?  Started riding with the Bulldog in '09

I have watched you ride street since you very young; rails, manual links, ledges, basically doing the damn thing...how did you get so nasty in BMX and how have you remained so consistent over the years?
 I used to ride like a fiend. 7 days a week for months on end. I think I've calmed down a little.

How did you feel being picked up by Bull Dog Bikes?  It was great. Blessings. I met Jimmy Mac at Post Bike Shop when they had this ramp thing going. Said to send him over some footage and it took off from there.

Any videos parts on the works with Bull Dog or any other company?  718(2) "The Babys Revenge"

How was it to filming for the 718 Video?  Awesome. I was able to film so many things that I had thought about doing for so long; you know like those spots you know no one else is gonna hit. I'm thinking of some spots right now. So much stuff that you not going to do unless that camera is rolling. I managed to film almost everything I wanted just in time before I started working full-time for NYC Parks dept.

How is your big bro doing? I haven't seen him in years?  He's doing good. He's an elevator mechanic. He's got two pitbulls that his girl and him take care of and he's got into stunt riding (Kawasaki')

How long have you know Robert Romos, Casio and the whole Mullaly Park crew?  Probably since Cas was airing out over the channel. I was living by there for few months and would go ride the ramps. Rob, Cas and everyone over there are all really cool. Cas is a clown.

What's your favorite type of ridin?  Dirt, Park, Street, flatland, all?  I ride the streets.

How do you relax and unwind?  I get on my bike and pedal as fast as I can.

How did you like the Minority Video?  I don't have a VHS player. hahahahha

Any shout outs or special thanks you want to send out?  No thanks at all whatsoever to Jerry and Oba. And I would like to thank You for asking all these cool questions. And I would Like to thank Rob at Flatlines. Bulldog, Ralph Sinisi Animal bikes, George K frontstreet, Drew, Gil, Mel, T, Ratzilla, Joey P, T, Muff, Skavengers, Dollar Arizonas, Dollar slices.To everyone who I ride with. Thanks.


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