Monday, February 28, 2011

Franklyn Romero/ Dominican businessman busted!! Fugitive since 2000!!!

I got this story online, Its in Spanish so I used Google Translate.  Apparently, Franklin Romero (manager of the famous bachata band Aventura) has dodged Interpol and the FBI for 10 years, laying low in DR! Hahahaha!!!  He was arrested over tax evasion last night...


Franklin Romero


It would be a case of tax evasion in 2001 that the Dominican businessman Franklin Romero was arrested early last Friday when he was enjoying a cruise ship that had docked in Panama.Although there is no official version of the act, or portals, FBI or the International Police (Interpol) are data from the record company president Premium Latin Music, an aide to Romero called the omission of his name, confirmed to El Nacional, the information since last weekend ran a rumor in the artistic environment of the Dominican Republic and the United States.The same source told this newspaper that Romero would be transferred to the Correctional Center in New York this morning for questioning, after being handed over to U.S. authorities by Interpol agents. Dominican successful entrepreneur who returned to the country 12 years ago after residing in the United States, owns a radio station, a printer and has investments in television programming. Rose to prominence as president of Premium Latin Music label and owner of the famous group Aventura.  Its catalog also features the likes of Wason Brazoban, Rita Indiana, Eddy Herrera, El Jefrey, Isa Gadala, Antony Santos, Tony Fox, Ingco Crew, Joachim and Eddy K, among others. "We can not say for sure what he is accused, but until we got the information that is for a slope in relation to the Treasury of the United States," said a source very close to the family of Franklin Romero.

  This is a youtube clip I found of Franklin Romero explaining the situation between him and Aventura.  You decide...

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  1. Setting you straight.April 24, 2012 at 9:40 AM

    Please stop, don't make me laugh much harder! Before anything, You are a crappy writer! Before speaking of anyone, you should read into the facts before opening your mouth. Considering that you see yourself as the "minority" you shouldn't be talking about being ruthless (your KIND is the first to have no compassion over others, especially when going about killing,stealing,and raping).Clearly you don't understand what is being said in the video you looked up and posted in this pitiful blog, if you would have understood anything being said you would speak/write differently about someone who has taken their life to please and help others without expecting anything in return. With this being said- google the situation now and maybe you should re-write your entry.