Oba Stanley

  I've known Oba for many moons.  In BMX street, this guy is a truth.  Don't get me wrong, we all grew up riding Mullaly Park (South Bronx), but Oba always had a taste for the streets when it came to riding.  He held down The Bronx for years along with many others slayin' it and putting that work in.  But his unique riding
style distinguished him from the rest.  All around street rider, Oba has a arsenal. The whole shabang!  

His twin brother Olu, is equally nasty skateboarding as O riding his bike, so watch out for him too.  Peep his interview on Skeemtro here http://sktgrindlife.tumblr.com/  WONDER TWINS GOOOO!

    Oba is one of the most chilled out people you'll ever meet.  Reserved, confident, well mannered, meow, respectful and outgoing are all characteristic traits you will encounter while around him along with a contagious personality.  I always knew this bag of quazy would get sponsored, he worked hard for it.  Defintely one of my favorite riders to watch as he lays the pimp hand down on the streets.  Oba stopped by recently, so I asked him if he could do a bike check/bio for our MINORITY readers.  Let's see what he gotta say, and make sure you go to Simplebikes on http://www.vimeo.com/ to check out his web edits.  Also peep his video parts in the Animal Cuts, Skvenger and 718 Video available on DVD at your favorite bike shops and websites, nah meansky....TIYAAAAAAAAAAY!

Name: Oba Stanley
Age: 27
Location: I'm from The Bronx mah.
Years riding BMX? 13
Employer(s)/ Sponsor(s)? Animal Bikes co., Simple Bikes co., Minority Bikes, Lotek,
Bike Check:
Frame: Simple Enigma V2 21.05 purple
Fork: Simple Monarchy Forks 3/8 black
Bars: Simple Jetset 8” rise black
Stem: Animal 10 Year Anniversary Top Load Stem
Grips: Animal Edwin grips black
Barends: Federal Bar ends (glow in the dark)
Pegs: Animal MK3, 4 pegs black
Detangler: None
Headset: Simple Headset
Seapost clamp: None
Seatpost: Animal Pivotal Wedge Post black
Seat: Simple Front Row Seat black
Cranks: Primo Hollowbites w/ Ti spindle black
Sprocket: Animal V2 23t w/ bashguard black
Chain: Shadow Comspiracy V2 Half Link chain black
Brakes: Odyssey Evo U-brakes black
Cable: Animal Illegal Slick Cable black
Brake Lever: Odyssey Monolever black
Front Tire: Animal Tom White Wall 20x2.10 black
Front Wheel: Primo Balance 7005 black, Simple Eject front hub gunmetal grey, Primo spokes black
Rear Tire: Animal Tom White Wall 20x2.10 black
Rear Wheel: Primo Balance 7005 black, Primo Mix hub black w/ 8t driver, Primo spokes black
Pedals: Animal PC pedals black
Any Modifications/Extras/Others?  None

How did you become interested in BMX?  Olu, my cousin and I were watching a show on MTV called “MTV Sports”. One of the segments was called “BMX Trails” with Todd Lyons. It made me feel like I should get down on that wave.

Which parts do you replace most often from wear and tear and/or because you want too?  Everything I repleace on my bike is from wear and tear...I would have to say the part I go through the most is tires, pegs and grips.

What's your bike setup like? And describe how you like it to feel?  My bike setup is pretty simple...four pegs and I got a bashguard on the sprocket…that’s about it, nothing crazy.

What was your first "real deal" BMX bike?  My firs real deal BMX setup was the 2-hip Pork Aluminum…5lbs kid!! That was a come up. 50 bucks back in the day for a frame...niggas was living.

Are you a weight weenie? How much does your bike weigh? Nah, I really don’t care about that…my bike weighs between 24-26lbs.

Do you work on your own bike? Yes or No? Why?  Yeah, for the mos part. Wheels, headset, bottom bracket, brakes…all that b.

What is your favorite color(s)?  Blue

Brakes?  No brakes?  Why?  Personal preference...no brakes. If I could barspin with a brakelever, I would. Love brakes, but I can't barspin with a brake lever that great.

Is your bike 100% dialed all the time?  Yeah

Any Likes or dislikes In general? In BMX?  I really don’t have any , personally...Likes - Being able to cruise around on my bike and see different things. Dislikes - The trends in BMX.

What is your favorite part of your Bike(s)? and of BMX period?  My favorite part on my bike is the prototype Animal Top Load Stem that I'm riding.

What is your favorite BMX video or rider section?  Ratboy in “Shutdown”, Troy Mc Murray in “BMX Files”, “On the down low”, “Gloat”, “Primo Made in Taiwan”, Little Devil “Criminal Mischief”, “Seek n Destroy”.

What talents, interests or hobbies do you have besides bmx (if any)?  I love music. If I could play an instrument, I would play the guitar. If it wasn’t for music, I wouldn’t have the inspiration to do nothing else. I wouldn't have the inspiration to do anything else in life.

Are you as talented in your other hobbies and interests as you are riding BMX?  I wouldn't say as talented...I wouldn’t know what to call it. I take it as it is...if I'm talented in it so be it. If not, who cares…I still like it.

What music genre do you listen to on the daily basis?  It all depends on mood. One day I can be into hip hop. One day I could be into punk. It all vaires... but, I like music in general.

What do you listen to while riding?  Whatever mood I'm in...

If you could change anything on your bike, what would it be?  I would say the top tube length...

If you could change anything in your life (if any), what would it be?  Nothing...

What is a your favorite trick to see or do?  Barspin

What is your favorite "dialed" trick to bust out on call?  “Hop Bar.”

Favorite BMX rider(s) of all time?  Ratboy.

Are there any public figures, (past or Present) that you admire?  Helen.

Any favorite foods? Drinks? Water.

What are your favorite quote(s)?  “Can A Baby Live?!...”

Any favorite books/mags/movies/TV shows?  Law and Order.

Have you ever dealt with any serious injuries due to riding? Way too many. 3 stick out in my head the most...I broke my wrist when I was 15, at 16 dislocated my shoulder and stretched the ligaments on my right foot.
Do you have any advice for the younger generation of riders? Don't worry about getting sponsored, just ride your bike for fun man! If I didn't have a sponsor, I would still be doing riding my bike. Its for the love of the sport, that's the name of the game.

Are there any memorable road trips or events you've attended? Yea yo! The first official trip I remember going on was the Bulldog trip to the Roots Jam contest in Florida. Which ended up being the last Roots jam ever. I remember that trip like it was yesterday. I seen some crazy stuff at that contest. Also, my first trip to Cali was good. The Shook Grease Tour was good too and the first time I went to Denmark. That trip was wild and amazing in all levels. I also remember this trip like it was yesterday.. Mega Tour was another good one. These were my all time favorite trip so far..
Any favorite places to ride? The Brooklyn Banks was my favorite, but it's shut down for now...

Do you have any plans for the future? Psssssss...Live life, travel, keep doing what I'm doing now, have fun.

How did you feel getting sponsored by Bulldog Bikes? Then eventually leaving and getting snatched up by Simple Bikes and now Animal Bikes Co.? It was a great feeling. That was my first sponsor. I thank Jimmy for showing me love back in the day. Everybody on the team was friends so we all rode with each other all the time so when trips came around , we were in for good times. Things got wild and quazy.!

Do you have any video parts we should be looking out for in the near future? As of now, 718 Video is the last video part I filmed for. 718 2: Out On Bail. Stickers available if the kiddies need them. Got the blog on deck www.718video.blogspot.com go peep that.

How long have you known Rob Romos, Casio and the whole Mullaly Park crew? I know those dudes forever...If it wasn't for those cats, I don't think I would be riding. They were the ones doing the tricks that I would see in the BMX magazines and videos. They were the ones who kept me motivated. I remember seeing Casio and Danny do some crazy tricks back in the day. Watching those dudes made me hungry, got me hype.

Whats your favorite type of riding? Dirt, Park, Street, Flatland or All? I would say Street and Park. Dirt I'll mess with, depending on how big the jumps are. Ill ride some doubles or a nice six pack. Nothing wild, nothing wild though...

How do you relax and unwind? Either, chillin at home, watching TV, reading a book or chilling out with the homies and bugging out.

Any shout outs or special thanks you want to send?  Thank you to my mom and my brother for the support, family friend for being there through thick and thin. To Gary, thank you for the interview, thanks to Ralph Sinisi and everyone at Animal, Simple Bikes...for holding a baby down.

Room 112 where the playa's dwell!

718video oba stanley from 718 Video on Vimeo.