Monday, February 21, 2011

Bike Check and Bio: Ernesto Torres

Ernesto is one of my favorite BMX riders in New York City, even though he's originally from Jersey.  I met him through Launchpad (Jerry Deleon) many moons ago when we were young thunder cats, on our Union Square days.  That was our hub, before riding further downtown, we would all meet there and catch up with one another proceeding to shred...
  This guy never slacked when it came to riding.  10 years back, he was doing tricks and combos that kids these days swear they came up with first.  Shits been done son!  it's just the evolution of the sport.  At times, you wont see him for months, even years.  You think, "what ever happened to Ern", or "is he..."  But when he does come out the shadows, best believe he'll still has a plethora of tricks up his sleeves.  You can't break his stride, he will mow you down! BMX has kept him youthful.

  Hands down, all around kind hearted guy, will give you his last if you ever needed it, likes to party and enjoy life riding his bike around the city.  Don't be fooled though, his name rings bells in NY, don't come at him sideways or your in for a treat...just a disclaimer.  furthermore,  the boy still got it.  He stayed on top of his BMX game and I don't really see any signs of Ernesto slowing down yet.  Check out his bike check and questions he answered for us here at MINORITY and keep riding my G's...enjoy.

Name:  Ernesto Torres
Age: 28
Location: New York Streets
Years riding BMX? 14 yrs.
Employer(s)?  Self Employed
Sponsors:  Minority Bikes Co.

Bike Check:

Frame:  Skavenger Bridge frame 21.25 purple
Fork: Skavenger Flat Iron Forks purple
Bars:  Skavenger Swift Bars purple
Stem: Premium Sub 10 V2 stem gold
Grips:  ODI Longnecks black
Barends: None
Pegs:  Animal MK3 pegs mixed (left side) black
Detangler:  None
Headset:  Ritchey Integrated 1 1/8
Clamp:  None
Seat post:  Animal Wedge Pivotal black
Seat:  Animal Stitched seat grey
Cranks:  Premium 16-S 3pc. Cranks black
Sprocket:  Premium Gnarstar 25tooth gold
Chain:  Premium Half Link black
Brakes:  None
Cable:  None
Brake Lever:  None
Front Tire:  Animal GLH 20x2.10 black
Front Wheel:  Premium Lite Front V2 black
Rear Tire:   Premium Refuse Resist  20x2.0 black
Rear Wheel:  Premium Rear Wheel gold hub, black rims and spokes
Pedals:  Odyssey Twisted PC clear
Any Modifications/Extras/Others?  None

How did you become interested in BMX?  I saw this kid from Hoboken, NJ…he was doing flatland on the street.  Eventually, he went to the army for a while and I kept riding…

Which parts do you replace most often from wear and tear and/or because you want too?  Tires and chain

What's your bike setup like? And describe how you like it to feel? Regular street set-up with the handle bars pushed back slightly.

What was your first "real deal" BMX bike?  DK SOB complete

Are you a weight weenie? How much does your bike weigh?  No… about 24lbs.

Do you work on your own bike?  Yes or No? Why?  I try not to…I can’t fix bikes.

What is your favorite color(s)?  Grey.

Brakes?  No brakes?  Why?  No brakes because I don’t know how to use brakes.  I don’t know how to do abubacas or fufanu...why bother.

Is your bike 100% dialed all the time? Yeah for the most part.

Any Likes or dislikes In general? In BMX?  Everything is cool.. as for bmx…I'im glad everyone is doing there thing.

What is your favorite part of your Bike(s)? and of BMX period?  I would have to say the frame…The bridge frame baby!  I like the fact that I was around when “Don’t Quit Your Day Job” first dropped…that was the realest street video…Joe Tiseo did his thing RIP.

What is your favorite BMX video or rider section?  “Don’t Quit Your Day Job” is my favorite video.

What talents, interests or hobbies do you have besides BMX (if any)? Poker

Are you as talented in your other hobbies and interests as you are riding BMX? Yes, if not...more.  The  truth nigga…I’m nasty in poker.

What music genre do you listen to on the daily basis? Horror rap.

What do you listen to while riding? Ill Bill, La  Coca Nostra.

If you could change anything on your bike, what would it be? My cranks

If you could change anything in your life (if any), what would it be?  I'll change my whole life.

What is your favorite trick to see or do?  Whips…I love watching people do tail whips.

What is your favorite "dialed" trick to bust out on call?  I’m not dialed period.

Favorite BMX rider(s) of all time?  George Desantos, Troy Mc Murray. Bob Scerbo, Ratboy, The Gonz, Zach Springkler, Vinnie Sammon, Edwin Delarosa, Nigel Sylvester, Will Taubin, the list continues…I have a lot of favorite riders

Are there any public figures, (past or Present) that you admire?  Not really.

Any favorite foods?  Drinks?  I love Spanish food, and all drinks.

What are your favorite quote(s)?  I don’t gotta quote.

Any favorite books/mags/movies/TV shows?  "The Lies My Teacher Told Me" was a book I was really interested in…

Have you dealt with any serious injuries due to riding?  I had a concusion at Cloud 9 11years ago.  That's about it.

Do you have any favorite places to ride?  Yeah...The streets of New York City.

Do you have any plans for the future?  Not yeat, just going with the flow.

Any advice for the younger generation of riders?  Yeah, don't do drugs.

Did you ever ride at Mullaly Skate Park?  Yeah, back in the day, I used to ride Mullalys a lot.  But I preferred to ride street.  I remember one time, I was at the park and Adam Armstrong did a back flip on one of the box jumps.  Cleared it smooth, that was his first back flip ever.  He was good...I think it was a King of New York contest.
note:  "RIP to Adam Armstrong, one of the greats taken way too fast."  GM

How was it like filming your part in the Shine video?  It was fun, I was young.  I filmed it all the same night, couple hours.  Nothing big, I was just having fun.

Any shout outs or special thanks you want to send?  Vinnie from Skavenger, Bob Scerbo., Darrell from Blacken, Will Taubin, Jimmy Levan, Enos.


  1. really good rider from way back in the day.

  2. Ernesto was a super cool rider .I learned a lot from him back in the day

  3. Ernesto was a super cool rider .I learned a lot from him back in the day