Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bike Check and Bio: Pablo Nunez

The Bronx is a place where you find the wild, wild dudes, bugged out stories and, you guessed it, wild BMX riders. Pablo falls under that category.  This kid rides at a pro level managing to perfect super tech tricks and flow through a skatepark like he's been on it for years.  His talent is uncanny.  You gotta question yourself the first couple of times you watch Pablo ride his bike.  You'll be stuck on his style and how determined he is when he's going in.

He barely turned 17 and Black Rob got him od'in at Mullalys.  He created a monster.  I ran into Pablo at Mullaly Skatepark in the Bronx earlier this year and got to witness first hand what he was capable of. I thought I was watching a live video game; he's that good.  Aside from being exceptionally talented, he's a very personable young guy. He also goes to school full-time and enjoys working on car engines in his spare time.

Pablo Nunez is definitely going places in this industry, I'll put money on that all day.  Who wants to know about Pablo Nunez?  Well, read on and let's see what he has to say.

Name: Pablo Nunez
Location: Bronx, New York
Years riding BMX?  2 years
Employer(s)?  School
Sponsors:  Minority Bikes

Frame:  F.B.M Man Eater 21'
Fork: Bulldog
Bars:  Stolen
Stem: F.B.M
Grips: Animal Edwin Grips (Bob Brown)
Barends: Stolen
Pegs: Curb Dog Heat Treated 
Detangler: None
Headset: F.B.M
Clamp: None
Seatpost: Animal Wedge 
Seat: Mirraco
Cranks:  Odyssey Twombolt 170mm
Sprocket:  Animal Balboa 25t
Chain: Odyssey Blue Bird
Brakes:  none
Cable:  none
Brake Lever:  none
Front Tire:  Premium Refuse, the big one.
Front Wheel:  Primo Hula Hoop with a a primo pro hub
Rear Tire: Animal GLH
Rear Wheel: Primo Balance with a Primo Mix
Pedals: Animal Steve Hamilton
Any Modifications/Extras/Others? Nope, straight up.

Pablo's F.B.M Man Eater set up.

How did you become interested in BMX?  I went to a Mullaly skatepark and I saw kids riding and I instantly fell in love.  How high all the riders were going on the ramps was cool.
Which parts do you replace most often on your ride?  Frames lol.
What's your bike setup like?  I like my bike low in the back and solid.
What was your first "real deal" BMX bike?  The set up I'm riding now is my favorite.
Are you a weight weenie?  How much does your bike weigh?20.3 hahahaha no its about 25lbs.
Do you work on your own bike? Yes, I like fixing cars so I it's kind of the same.
What is your favorite color(s)?  Purple.
Brakes?  No brakes?  No brakes, it just feels better with out them.
Is your bike 100% dialed all the time?  Oh yes.
Any Likes or dislikes In general? In BMX?  Haters.
What is your favorite part of your Bike?  I like frames, the different geometries.
What about BMX?  Getting air.  I love to ride fast and high.  Street ring with my boys and having blast.  Airing the quarters is real deal too.  Hang time
Favorite BMX rider(s) of all time?  Garrett Reynolds
What is your favorite BMX video or rider section?  My favorite rider section is garrett reynolds part in SD.  
Have any cool hobbies your into besides bmx (if any)?  Hang out with my friends haha.  I also like working on cars.  I love to work on transmissions, its awesome.  School is number one for now though.
Are you as talented in your other hobbies and interests as you are riding BMX?  Yes.
What music genre do you listen to on a daily basis?  I'm into Dembow.
Do you listen anything while riding?  If you could change anything in your life (if any), what would it be?  Nothing.  Life is good.
What is your favorite trick to see or do?  360 and downside whips.  My favorite trick to bust out is a truck driver at the skateparks and on hips.
What is your favorite "dialed" trick to bust out on call?  Barspins.
Are there any public figures, (past or Present) that you admire?  Nobody yet.
Any favorite foods? Drinks?  Rice and beans is my all day meal, Icould eat it anything with a pina colada shake.
Any favorite quotes?  "What's cooking!"
Any favorite books/mags/movies/TV shows?  Jackass.  Car mags are cool too.
Any favorite places to ride?  Owlshead Skatepark in Brooklyn, it's a little far but its worth the long train ride.  You'll catch me Mullaly Skatepark most of the time.
Any advice for the younger generation of riders?  Eat right and safety first.
Do you have any plans for the future?  Finish school and start a careerto help my family out, hopefully get sponsored and travel the world.
Have you dealt with any serious injuries due to riding?  No, thank god.  I slammed my face at the park a while ago, got a scare by my eye.
Any shout outs or special thanks you want to send out to the world?  I would like to thank my family for supporting me, I like to thanks god for keeping me safe, Minority Bikes for hooking me up, and my friends for holding me down.  Minority Life all day baby!

Kicking it at Lil' Cali, Bronx NY
Pablo and his boy Crayola night prowling shadows of Washington Heights.
Here is the Minority  goons over at the Terminals.

Pablo fixing a flat after casing at Mullaly Skatepark.

Here Pablo in our latest edit "Late Summer/ Early Fall"


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