Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Adam Armstrong Edit by Richardo Roberts on Tumblr

Richard parlayin' by the waters of Dumbo, NY
 BMX rider and videographer Richardo Roberts from Brooklyn, New York posted a video on his Tumblr that he made back in 2003.  This edit features a minute of great riding from the late Adam Armstrong, also from BK.  1 minute is all you need to see the boy has skills, he would kill it at only 15 years old.  
Adam Armstrong passed away in a motorcycle accident in February of 2006 in the middle of the rising New York City BMX scene.  Great memories but at the same time, still are very sad times to think about.  Adam's great heart, sense of humor, humble ways and rugged street and park riding always help remember the times when we all used to kick it together in the shadows of the back area in Union Square and parlay til the sun came up.  R.I.P OG
Photo by: Group Home Bikes

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