Monday, March 26, 2012

Minority Flix in the Bronx

Here are some pictures of the team out filming, on the grind, goonin and so on for the past couple weeks, enjoy!  Photos by Eman/Gman
Emmanuel Torres holding down the GQ real quick so the boys think its all goodie in the berbs

Alberto Ramos cool breezin at Mullaly Park in the BX

Pablo Nunez coppin some ZZZ's on the grass hill while Alberto films a line real quick.
Pablo and Alberto sizing up the wallride way uptown in the BX.  Rugged set up.
In one of the shots we took, Pablo blasted up so high, we thought that baby man was done off on the way down.  Not even the case...

Platano Power infront of his high school in Moshulu Parkway, Northern Bronx
Goon Boro

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