Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Track Or Die NYC

Track or Die NYC Crew.  Hahaha, Rat holdin down the Minority Bikes fort over in Fixieville with his New York Minority t-shirt, X LIFE!

A good friend of mine Stanley Ramos told about this crew he's down with called Track Or Die NYC the other day as we creep-ed in the shadows.  This crew composed of 8 riders (including Stanley) rally up fellow track bikers though out the city and go on monster mash rides all around the tri-state taking as they explore the sites and documenting themselves along the way.  Most if not all work on there bikes in NYC so you'll probably run into them or vise versa lol.  Check out the site and see what they up too and also peep their " I Track or Die NY" tee shirt which is hotness, nah meansky?!

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