Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pablo Nunez still out of commission from the Get It Together Jam at Mullaly Skatepark

Pablo Nunez at the Mullaly Park Get It Together Jam on June 23, 2012
At the end of a awesome jam on June 23rd,  Pablo finished off strong taking best trick on the wedge with a 180 barspin 50/50 to roll out half cab tailwhip, but his right foot paid the price for victory.  Here is a little Q and A with Pablo about his injury...

So what exactly happened to you the day of the Jam?
It was a mess.  My bike was in pieces and I wasn't really feeling it.  I just decided that I wasn't going to ride at the jam since my bike wasn't on point.  So I took it easy enjoying the day with the rest of the Mullaly crew.  S&M sent me a stock wheel that arrived at my house the day before the jam and you guys got me the cranks, sprocket and front wheel.  At the park, I ran into Mike Hoder  from S&M Bikes and he hooked me up with a frame set.  When Enos got to the park he really wanted me to ride so he offered to drive to Tread Bike Shop in Dyckman Street (Washington Heights) and buy me a new bottom bracket. I borrowed a chain from my boy at the park and my bike was back on the street.  I just did my thing and had fun.  On the new box jump they built, I went for a tail whip and landed to flat, that's how I hurt my right foot.

When did you realize you injured your foot?  After that landing, I was riding around but I kept feeling a very sharp pain coming from my foot.  It started to swell pretty quick so I knew that it was from stomping the landing out. 

What have you been doing since then?  I've been taking it easy since then for the past few weeks.
Mostly been at home walking around and icing my big toe down, exercising it a little.  Besides that I'll go to Mullaly's and hang out the the crew and get some air so I don't have to be stuck at home all day.  Been enjoying my new dirt bike too.  Sucks my foot is messed up, I cant hit the gears as smooth as I want to.

So Pablo, word in the shadows is that S&M Bikes has been helping you out recently, showin love...what's the deal with that bai?  Mike Hoder was watching me ride at the 2011 Red Bulls Trick or Treat Jam  last October and he liked my style.  He watched me take second place that year right under Scotty Cranmer.  We exchanged numbers and about a week or two later I got a package.  Hoder noticed some of my parts were worn down or broken so he spoke with Chris Moeller over at S&M Bikes and got me a fresh new Hoder frameset .  I love their frames and parts, strong and light.  Minority Skavenger and Wethepeople helped me out with frames before.

Any plans for the summer?  Just to heal up til in 100 percent again and get back to shredding.  I love to ride my bike so it gets hard to just sit around the house.  Thinking about going to DR ( Santo Domingo ) with the family in a few weeks to relax and see my family that lives out there I haven't seen in a long time.  I miss them a bunch.  I should be back on my bike soon.  

Any closing words for the world?  Thanks to my family and friends; Thank you to everyone that's looked out for me in the past, present and future.  Thank you to Mike Hoder and Chris Moeller from S&M Bikes for helping me out.  Thank you to  Edwin Dela Rosa  from Skavenger/Animal Bikes for letting me ride at the Red Bulls Trick or Treat Jam, Gary Mendez from Minority for putting me out there, getting me into the Red Bulls Trick or Treat Jam and for all the parts and help,  Tyrone Williams  from Dah Shop, Nolabel Watches , and Base Brooklyn.
Pablo catching some Z's while Alberto Ramos goes in on the steps.

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