Saturday, November 5, 2011

Linwood Monk from Richmond, VA

The "BossHogg" of Virgina!  We met Linwood at the Hollow-Queens Jam in Astoria Skatepark last month.  He told me he knew my long time friend, FBM Bikes Co. team rider Ruel Smith aka "Wormz" from Brooklyn, NY who is now residing in Richmond, Va.  Wormz suggested he slither to NYC and jam out.  This dude rips in on his bike.  He was throwing down long ass nose wheels on the manual pads, tooth hangers, blasting quarters, He def came through hungry to through down b.  
Riding is not all this wild man does, Linwood is also trying to get his reality show on.  He has a MTV's The Real World audition video on Youtube.  Hope that works out for you my G.  Take a look below.
Can I Live?!

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