Monday, February 20, 2012

Classic Riders Brooklyn

Classic Riders Brooklyn

Classic Riders Brooklyn is a vintage bicycle club started in Brooklyn, NY.  I met "Striker" a couple of days ago when I saw him and some of his club buddies sliding around the streets in the L.E.S(NYC) in some mint condition old school custom and restored Schwinns.  These mean lookin lowriders were decked out with custom candy paint, wild rare vintage ape hanger bars, and stocked with all original components as well as extras.  The CRB club sometimes like to go around the city in search of rare vintage bicycle/parts and accessories usually found in shops that been around for 30 plus years as well as abandoned buildings, basements, garages, pretty much anywhere they can find the parts they need.  Check out these flicks, the blue Schwinn String Ray looked official in person.  Even came stocked with a front low flange drum brake and rear old school disc brake hub.
Classic Riders Brooklyn's Schwinn lowriders

Blue Schwinn Sting Ray


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