Sunday, February 26, 2012

Minority Bikes House of Vans Jam

The House of Vans was jam packed with riders of all ages from all around the tri-state area. When the doors opened, all hell broke loose! It was bananas in there! Maybe the city should donate a indoor skatepark (hint, hint). Alongside the chaos, were able to snag a few clips of Alberto, Danny and Pablo killing it inside the warehouse and out back during the second and last session (8-10pm). The rail jam was bugged, the locals destroyed it with everything from derek dusters to rail rides, We caught a clip of one rider blessin the rail with a kickflip to 50/50. While the rail jam was taking place, we shot some clips on the ledges located to the steps. Pablo threw down on those ledges with a few others. Starring Alberto Ramos, Daniel Dejesus and Pablo Nunez and some random clips of some badass local shredding for a cash prize Cult and Vans had brewing, enjoy!
Music: Cam'ron - Child of the Ghetto (Boss of all Bosses 2)
These minorities are livin' heaa!

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