Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New York Post cover of boy arrested for stealing $5.00

Young thundercats be wilding in the BX!
From the NY Post
"Most kids get a timeout or a spanking for bad behavior, but a 7-year-old Bronx boy was arrested and handcuffed to a police precinct wall for hours on a robbery rap, police sources said.
The mother of the pint-sized “perp” is threatening to sue the NYPD for $250 million — saying cops treated her son like a hardened criminal after he allegedly punched a 9-year-old boy in the face and took $5 from him, her lawyer and a police source said Tuesday.
Police arrested the child in his third-grade classroom at Public School 114 on Cromwell Ave., detained him at the school for four hours and then kept him in custody at the 44th Precinct for six hours after the December incident, the woman’s lawyer said in a statement Monday. He couldn’t be reached for further comment Tuesday.
A second police source who has direct knowledge of the incident said Tuesday that the little terror knocked the other boy to the ground, leaving the victim with a bloody mouth and fat lip.
The lawyer is calling the allegations against the 7-year-old false and says he has filed a notice of claim against the NYPD, the city and the South Bronx precinct.
“How would you feel if (the boy) was your child or your grandchild?” lawyer Jack Yankowitz said in a press release. “What happened is a travesty of justice.
“If (this) 7-year-old and his mother lived on 64th and Park and he attended a $35,000-a-year private school, do you think (he) would have been arrested, handcuffed to a wall and denied access to his mother and legal counsel for 10 hours?”
But an NYPD spokeswoman said Tuesday the boy was held for just four hours and 40 minutes."

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