Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ricky Bates (23, Fl) and Gary Dimartine (24, NJ) of Banned BMX died in a collision on their way to Vegas. RIP

RIP to their families.  We send our prayers out to them.
Sad day in BMX.  It sucks when you wake up and hear such horrible news in our community.  Two young guys  living it up.   We send our blessing to the families of Ricky and Gary.  
Story from the The

We say our sad good-byes to Rickey Bates, 23, who was a well-known BMX rider from Casselberry, Florida. Bates was killed late Tuesday in a head-on car crash in Arizona, according to the Sun Sentinel.
The crash did not only take Rickey Bates’ life, but also another BMX rider, Gary Dimartine, 24, of New Jersey, and the driver of the other vehicle, Matthew Uhl, 46, an Arizona Department of Safety employee.
The accident occurred 65 miles northwest of Phoenix. Bates and Dimarine tried to pass other cars on the road, and then collided with Uhl, according to
Bates was also known for creating the "Banned BMX" products and videos. He rode for the Sputnic BMX and Shadow Conspiracy teams.
BMX websites are filled with tributes to the two riders and condolences go out to the three families of Bates, Dimartine and Uhl who lost their loved ones. May they rest in peace.

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