Friday, December 9, 2011

Matthew "The Sez" Leviege

We met the Sez at Black Rob's rib earlier this year when he was in town for the Mullaly Park Fundraiser in lil Cali back in August (checkout his clips at the jam).  He's the most chill guy you'll meet, except when he's shreddin it on his bike.  That night, we all kicked it and parlayed at Rob's talkin shit and drinkin brew in the shadows while this wild rain storm passed through the Bronx.  Here are some edits the Sez dropped a few months back riding street and indoor skatepark.  He's definitely a one man wreckin crew.  Check him out.

Matt Leviege " Ready 2 Die pt2 " The Sez aka THE StrEetZ from matt leviege on Vimeo.

SPoT Roast Raw Footage from sumyungguy on Vimeo.
Monster Vision

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