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Bike Check and Bio: Gaby Flores

Gaby Flores posted up in Brooklyn

Click read more to see whats poppin with Gaby Flores from Brooklyn, New York

I'm proud to introduce to you guys Gaby Flores from Brooklyn New York to the team.  He's one bad ass shredder in the streets as well as parks with a full bag of tricks at his disposal.  I first met Gaby last year at the House of Vans Jam.  I've been hearing about him for some time and often would post his videos up on here to send a lil shine his way.  I always knew this guy has a lot of potential to be a power house in BMX the way his name would rings bells in New York.  For only riding 3 years, it's wild to think how much the youth now-a-days progresses.  But growing up in Brooklyn, New York with great influences established in the BMX game like Edwin De La Rosa, Nigel Sylvester, Tyrone Williams, Ralphy Ramos, it was only a matter of time until Gaby branched out and dropped his own flavor to the mix.  Gaby is an all around chill dude to know.  Just only knowing him for a short period of time, I've noticed that he's real humble, funny, creative and inspired from his surroundings.  Not to mention his riding is on deck, throwing down flat whips, bar gaps, hang 5 variations, hangers down rails and much, much more. He's always evolving his arsenal of bangers consistently.  Don't sleep on Gaby, you might get caught slippin.  Read up on Gaby Flores below and checkout his bike setup to see how this Minority gets down in the streets on New York.

Name: Gaby Flores
Age: 25
Years riding BMX?  3 years
Location:  Brooklyn, New York
Employer(s)/Sponsors: Primo Street Team, Minority Bikes

Bike Check:
Frame: Fit Aitken s3.5
Fork: Odyssey Race Forks
Bars: S&M Hoder Bars
Pegs: Primo 
Detangler: None
Stem: Clut Topload 
Grips: Odi
Barends: Animal 
Headset: Animal 
Clamp: None
Seatpost: Primo
Seat: Kink 
Brakes: None
Cranks: Odyssey Twombolt 
Sprocket: Odyssey Million Dollar 
Chain: Shadow Half Link
Brake Lever: None
Front Tire: Animal 
Front Wheel: Primo 
Rear Tire: Animal 
Rear Wheel: Demolition
Pedals: Odyssey
Any Modifications/Extras/Others? None

Custom Animal Stitch saddle???
Million Dollar Baby

1. How did you become interested in BMX?  When I was young, my cousin used to ride and basically put me on to bmx and I loved it ever since.

2. Which parts do you replace most often from wear and tear and/or because you want too?  Tires, grips and pedals.

 3. What's your bike setup like? And describe how you like it to feel?  I like my bike to feel strong and not to light.

4. What was your first "real deal" bmx bike?  Well, I started with a Royce Union bike (lol) and about a year ago I got my first real deal bike...(laughs)

5. Are you a weight weenie?  How much does your bike weigh?  I'm not a weight weenie at all.  My bike is about  24 lbs.  It used to be 28 lbs. before I changed a few piece

6. Do you work on your own bike?  Yes or No?  Why?  Yes.  I don't like other people working on my bike.

7. What is your favorite color(s)?  Brown.

8. Brakes?  No brakes?  Why?  No brakes.  It's just my style. 

9. Is your bike 100% dialed all the time?  Not really.  I just work on it when it needs to be worked on.

10. Any likes or dislikes In general? In BMX?  Well not really.  Only dislike is have in BMX is getting hurt.  Then I can't ride. 

11. What is your favorite part on your Bike(s)?  And of BMX period?  My favorite part is my frame definitely.  Bmx, the life of it.

12. What is your favorite BMX video or rider section?  My favorite video right now is Nike BMX in Taipei, Chad Kerley and Garrett Reynolds killed it.

13. What talents, interests or hobbies do you have besides bmx (if any)?  I really like to fix computers.

14. Are you as talented in your other hobbies and interests as you are riding BMX?  Yes.
15. What music genre do you listen to on the daily basis?  R&B and Rap.

16. What do you listen to while riding?  Rap mostly...it gets me hype to ride.
 anything in your life (if any), 

17.  If you could change anything on your bike, what would it be?  My whole set up (lol)... but I'll say my wheels would be the part I would change.
18. If you could change anything in your life, what would it be?  Going back to school and getting a better job to support my mom.

19. What is a your favorite trick to see or do?  Whips and 360 bars. 

20.  What is your favorite "dailed" trick to bust out on call?  360 bar.

21.  Favorite BMX rider?  Chad Kerley. 

22.  What does the "KM" in KM Bikes mean?  Krazy Mutherfukers, hahahaha!

23. Any favorite foods?  Drinks?  White rice with chicken and beans...Pepsi

24. Are there any public figures, (past or Present) that you admire?  Off the top of my head, not really.  I admire my mother a lot.
25. Do you have any favorite quote(s)?  (Y.O.L.O) you only live once.

26.  Any favorite books/mags/movies/TV shows?  Bmx magazines and action movies.  I don't watch tv.

27.  What part of Brooklyn did you grow up in?  Coney Island and East New York.

28.  Any shout-outs/Thanks?  I'd like to send shoutouts to all my family,friends and Minority Bikes.  Thank you for all the support.

Gaby rippin a ticket up after the boyz ran up on him for riding on the sidewalk.

Gaby Flores BMX from gaby on Vimeo.

TEAM MANGO BIKES - Bullet! Bullet! Bullet! EAST NEW YORK! Bullet! Bullet! Bullet! Bullet! BROOKLYN! from TEAM MANGO BIKES on Vimeo.

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