Thursday, December 6, 2012

Alberto Ramos gets picked up by Hoffman Bikes Flow and Alienation flow

Mira Mira Life
Hard work does pay off!  Minority team rider Alberto Ramos recently got picked up by Hoffman Bikes Flow and Alienation Bikes.  Alberto has been punchin in his fresh clock shredding the streets spots, skateparks, participating in local BMX shows and competing in jams the last few months, which has definitely worked out to his advantage.  Enos Colombo (Base Brooklyn) put the word in for Hoffman as well as Alienation vouching for Alblasto on what an incredible rider he is, which is true (I seen'um!)  They both hooked the boy boy up with a care package recently to give his whip a face lift.  Alberto was the first team rider we picked up almost 2 years ago and he never disappoints.  His style is bonkers, switch footed everything, we always knew he would do his thing in the bmx game sooner more than later.  Congratulations Alberto for the dope come up.  East coast is getting live again.

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