Wednesday, March 23, 2011

$900,000k attempted burglary in Inwood, NY by non other than New Yorks Finest...

Ex- cop Shawn Jenkins(43) being led away in cuffs yesterday!

Peep this article I found online, Jenkins was an ex-bodyguard of a drug dealer that was deported to DR from Inwood before being on the force...


Posted on Tuesday, 22 of March , 2011 at 4:46 pm

NYPD Cop Indicted For Attempted Burglary

 MANHATTAN—A New York City police officer has been indicted on charges of second degree attempted burglary and fourth degree conspiracy.
Shawn Jenkins, 43, had been assigned to the 23rd Precinct on the East Side of Manhattan as a Highway Safety Officer until he was suspended on May 13, 2009.
The crimes charged in the indictment occurred between approximately May and June 2008 and May 13, 2009.
According to documents filed in court, Jenkins planned to break into an apartment located at 5008 Broadway in the Inwood section of Northern Manhattan in order to steal $900,000 cash that he believed to be hidden beneath the floorboards of a closet inside the apartment. The money was supposedly hidden by a prior tenant in the apartment, a drug dealer, who was deported to the Dominican Republic in August 2007 by the federal government.
Jenkins claimed that he had previously worked for the drug dealer as a bodyguard, and that he had been sent a letter from the drug dealer containing a diagram of the apartment indicating where the money was hidden.
Prosecutors say Jenkins planned to gain entry into the apartment through the use of a fictitious search warrant or other fictitious means, while he wore a police raid jacket.  Jenkins allegedly planned to steal the money after immobilizing the then tenant with a Taser gun and securing him with handcuffs.
 Over the course of the alleged conspiracy, Jenkins is accused of engaging in numerous acts intended to bring his plan to fruition, including conducting surveillance of the apartment building and its surroundings; attempting to gain entry into the apartment by having a locksmith “work the lock;” providing an informant who he believed to be a co-conspirator with an official NYPD form to be used as a ruse to gain entry into the apartment; buying flashlights to be used to search the apartment; and procuring Taser accessories such as Taser darts and a Taser gun cartridge and battery pack to subdue the tenant of the apartment once he gained entry.
Prosecutors say Jenkins’ plan was thwarted by a joint effort between members of the New York City Police Department’s Internal Affairs Bureau and members of a Drug Enforcement Administration Task Force.  The conspiracy ended on May 13, 2009, when Jenkins was arrested as he drove up to the building in which the apartment was located, but before going inside, according to prosecutors.   3-22-11


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