Friday, March 18, 2011

Minority at Vans Jam ayyyyyyyye!

Mamiz on bikes! lol

Jah Jah in the building!
If you din't go, I don't know what to tell ya my hearts...the Vans Skate Park Jam in Brooklyn was off the hook, we went in!.  Minorities everywhere, you know how we do ma!  Peep these pics of some of my goonie googoos...


Rob Ramos and Rambo, BX...check!


Me and Jah Jah

Minority Dave

Eddie Munsta

Blackman and the Hood Happy Crew

Casio and Richardo

Beast mode

Muffin on deck


Eman and the face of Fronstreet George K

Hayston, Eddie, Shane and Brendan

Little Nick

Vinchenzo and the artist formally known as Muffinman

The Stanleys, don't feed them after dark!  My G's are gremlins hahaha!

Jeff K and Bobby Billions


Hannibal Rob D.

Jah Jah and Sharon.  My boy was going in ;-)

Little Nick reppin that Wallstreet life
Olu, Skinny and company
Richardo and Chin
George K, Bob Scerbo and Launchpad


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  1. I don't know about you but i luv Jah Jah! LOL