Friday, March 18, 2011

Tru Life sentenced to 8 years AYYYYYYE!

Tru Life going down for man slaughter, read this quick article I found on the Daily News... 

Jay-Z and Tru Life
A Lower East Side rapper, once a protege of Jay-Z, was sentenced to eight years in prison Wednesday for his role in the fatal stabbing of a man in Kips Bay.  Tru Life, who was born Robert Rosado, pleaded guilty to gang assault, and his older brother, Marcus Rosado, pleaded to manslaughter in the stabbing death of Christopher Guerrero, 20, in the lobby of an E. 26th St. building.
"We will never be able to erase the image of him trying to fight off his attackers with his bare hands while daggers were thrust upon him," Guerrero's sobbing brother, Jason Ramirez said during sentencing in Manhattan Supreme Court.  The brothers were originally charged with murder for the June 15, 2009, death of Guerrero.  But the 34-year-old performer was allowed to plead guilty to gang assault because his 39 year old brother plunged the knife into Guerrero.  Ramirez blasted the justice system for the short sentences.
"There are drug dealers that get more time," he said.
"Those cowards had a choice and they went with what they already planned on doing, which was kill."
The bloodshed came after a night of feuding that started outside Club Pacha in Hells Kitchen. A second man was left in critical condition.

This is a flick I found of Memphis Bleek, Tru Life and Uncle Murda

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